Children’s Social Work Matters

Children matter. Children’s social work matters.Children's Social Work Matters Logo

Children’s social work matters. A simple statement, but one that every children’s social worker in Yorkshire and the Humber region wholeheartedly believes. It’s what unites us in children’s social work. It’s why, as the UK’s biggest region outside of London, we’ve come together in a unique way.

Children’s Social Work Matters (CSWM) is a collaboration of the 15 Local Authorities across Yorkshire & the Humber to raise the image of Children’s Social Work and attract more people in to this challenging yet extremely rewarding career in our region.

We’re also working together as one big children’s social work team to improve social work practice and delivery. CSWM is equipping social workers with the skills and confidence to provide the best possible care for vulnerable young people that need our support.

Social Workers help to keep families together. They really do make a positive and lasting difference in children and young people’s lives.

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